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Protect, Elevate, and Serve H.A.R.L.E.M.


True to the values of our initial Kristin for H.A.R.L.E.M. campaign we are now launching Jordan ’23. Same values with some growth and development on key platform points and a new policy focus area. Read more about Kristin’s H.A.R.L.E.M. policy platform (past, present, and future) here.

Jordan ’23 – After Change Comes… More Change!

Give us the opportunity to be game-changers (again!) as the history-making election of Harlem’s youngest Black female council member and first out LGBTQ Black woman in this elected office ushered in a new set of Harlem leadership and broad grassroots movement. Absolutely still a work in progress YOU can get involved too! Contact or text or call 347-276-8344 to volunteer.

3rd Generation Harlemite & Grassroots baby!

Learn more about Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan in this video on her, her family, her grassroots campaign and historic victory in 2021 and her first 180 days in office.

Dive in and learn the FACTS!

  • the Harlem birther lie – and KRJ’s roots
  • why you should not fear Black radical tradition aka what is “radical love”
  • what is a “world without cops”
  • white supremacy and imperialism
  • money matters – what we funded in FY ’23 and why

Endorsements from THE PEOPLE
… real people

Great chair and came earlier than promised. This did come with assembly directions. My teenager assembled it with zero assistance in (far) less than ten minutes.

Anton Delgado

The chair is exactly as pictured and even exceeded my expectations in quality! Assembly was easy and only took about 10 minutes to put together.

Jane Delgado